Several Projects for a PLD (Programmable Logic Device)  These projects demonstrate how to use a PLD in digital electronics.  This document tells you what materials you will need, where to get them and how to program a PLD along with many combinational and sequential logic projects that can be done with a PLD.  This document gives the equations needed for each project and includes a suggested final project that can be given to students.  These projects are intended to compliment the PLD Companion prototyping board.

Theoretical Basics of Electricity One of the original purposes of the Breadboard Companion power supply kit was to provide a meaningful platform for teaching electrical theory in a course on digital electronics.  The Breadboard Companion power supply kit is an example of a digital interface in the real world.  This document connects the 'analog' with the 'digital' through the Breadboard Companion.  Topics include current flow, RC time constant and the 555 timer.  The theory is intended to compliment  the BBCIII power supply kit.

Additional resources for download are below, from tips on soldering to assembly instructions for our BBCIII Power Supply Kit.

Freebies for Teachers:

College Instructors; If you teach at a post-secondary school and are interested at taking a closer look at our power supply kits, we will be glad to send you a sample of the following at absolutely no charge to you.  We even pay the shipping.  

BBCIII Power Supply Kit ($20.00 Value)  

PLD Companion Prototyping Board ($7.00 Value)  

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